Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

Finally finding more than a moment to make a start on two new dolls - I wish I could get myself into gear to produce more and in quick time. Others seem so productive, but I simply can't squeeze much me time from a day with 3 girls in it. Perhaps I need more than others sleep as I simply don't have the energy to stay up later to craft - I'm toooooo tired come any point after 9pm! I'm seeing a personal trainer tomorrow, trying to determine if it's realistic to fit that into our lives, I feel managing to exercise again will definitely help with energy levels.

A red moment, skinning home grown toms for a pasta sauce in one of my favourite Danish mixing bowls.

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Pina said...

Definitely on my 'to do list' is to do more exercise. For more than a year now. I am such a lazy person but I know how good it feels when you are well stretched and when those tiny muscles start to get harder.

It is nice to see how your dolls are starting to get shape. I was just daydreaming during past weekend how I am going to sew a new bag. I hope those ideas come true because I already bought some fabric for that to-be bag.