Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stripey Ones

More of our tomato harvest - how beautiful are they?! Of the two heritage tomatoes I bought from the Diggers Club this year, the Principe Borghese was very disappointing. It's not, to my taste, a salad tomatoe as the flesh is very soft and pulpy. It does, however, make a delicious sauce and although laborious given how small they are to skin and seed, worth the effort.

The last tomatoes to ripen however, the stripey one that's somewhat out of focus in the foreground, are delicious. They have a nice crunch and are super sweet as well as being absolutely gorgeous to look out. Only one problem, do you think I can find the label anywhere? I have no idea what they were called so will have to do some recon on that, together with drying some of the seeds - just in case.


Bianca said...

yum, they look delicious.

We're out of tomatoes now...the balcony it too small for too many plants ;) We've got a bucket load of chillies, not sure if we can eat it all...

Pina said...

I have no idea about the name of those round tomatoes but they look so delicious!
My tomatoes sooner or later get black each year (and everybody else's too) from some kind of a disease, so I decided not to grow them this year. I might try with those little bushy ones in a pot but there will be none in my garden.
I wish I could swap my sweets for your tomatoes! ;)