Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Big Day

We let Ella choose Leila's present this year - she chose a Care Bear! Ella received one from her aunty and cousins on her birthday in October and it was an enormous hit. Leila hasn't had much of a shot at "Cupcake" as she's called, as it's one toy Ella won't share. I think Ella's motivation in buying one for sister was partly to keep her away from hers, but also so she could "share" the new one! Somewhat suprisingly, it was a huge hit, she's been dragging it around with her all day. We bought her a wooden Noah's Ark which she opened appreciatively and then Ella played with - there's plenty of time.

The Sanctuary was great - I haven't been there since I was about 8 and my parents now live literally 5 minutes from the front gate. The place was absolutely rammed but it covers so much area that you didn't feel crowded at all. Ella's fave was the platypus, a very strange animal for anyone to see the first time - amazing playful considering how shy they are.

The cake is very unme - store bought nasty icing etc - but forgive me, in 42C weather baking is beyond even me. I'll make up for it Sunday when the family are over for morning tea and I promise it will be more impressive.

For anyone not local - here's one of Ella with some local wildlife. Koalas aren't known for being the friendliest of animals (they spit and bite), but this one, sadly (or thankfully), has gone to a supposedly better place, hence the relaxed pose!

Happy birthday gorgeous small one, I'll think of you most fondly at 11:25pm tonight!

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Pina said...

Happy birthday to your little one from me too! They are both such cutties! :)