Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'm Not Perfect

There are people in this world who appear to be getting everything just right. Their balance between home, work, self, family, individual seems well, balanced. They appear to be able to live in the moment, be grateful for all they have, not live with daily regrets and frustrations or they simply hide their true feelings very well.

I'm an open book person - if you ask me something then I'll answer you without reservation and with complete honestly. I have found that at times some find my manner confronting, for not everyone is as open as me. I don't think of it as a shortcoming in myself, but think perhaps others do. I probably say too much and should keep more in reserve. I hope it doesn't come across as arrogance or that I think I know better, because I simply don't.

I question because I care. I ask for more because I think it's possible. I dream for so many things because I know what's out there. I want perfection because I feel we deserve it.

This is us on our wedding day, November 7, 1998. This year we will have been married 10 years. I'm a challenge to him I know. He's a quiet man, but I push him to say more than perhaps he would like to. I push because because I care, because I want for so much, but I'm sorry because sometimes it is too much.


Pina said...

I am the same. I do the same. I think the same. When I look back at my life I see that I have achieved nothing much. Not everyone agrees with this but I think it is true. If I had a chance to live my life again, I would change so many things. Anyway, I live it like I do, I don't change myself. I don't know how to. Or perhaps I don't put enough effort into this.

And you are so beautiful on the photo! :)

Nights_that_never_end said...

Love the photos! I don't know how people balance everything either. I'm in college and I don't know how people balance school and work with friends and family and time to be alone.

Lindsay said...

What a fabulous photo. Congratulations on ten years, that's a wonderful milestone. Strangely enough Matt and I have been together for 10 years too, Australia Day is the anniversary of our first real date, but it took another 4 years before we tied the knot.

You look very beautiful and very happy.