Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bothering the Vegetables

I don't feel there are many things more satisfying than growing your own vegetables, nursing them from seeds or seedlings into strong, big fruit bearing plants. I get so much pleasure from watching, watering, picking, eating and the girls do too, hopefully it helps them understand our world a little more than simply shopping at the supermarket does. I want to grow some of my favourite vegetables next, I think they're winter crops, beetroot and fennel.

Ella helped, Leila bothered the unripe fruit.

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Pina said...

Oh, I miss those greens!

Fennel is my favorite vegetable but unfortunately it doesn't grow well in the soil on my garden.

It is actually the right time to plan what to grow in the next season and to put the first seeds in the pots. On this side of the Earth, of course. :)