Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It Ain't Half Hot in 2008

This is the second year where it's been scorching hot at NY. I remember last year vivdly as Leila was born on January 2nd and it was unbelievably hot. We hadn't had our air conditioning put in and I have to say, I was feeling every degree.

We had a low key night after a day spent mostly hiding inside. We did venture out later in the afternoon for a "swim" under our makeshift tent, but even the icypoles didn't help keep temperatures down.. It's simply too hot to go outdoors when it hits 42C, it's just a matter of enduring. At 9:30 when Geoff and I were finally eating dinner it wasn't much cooler but the two bottles of champers helped!

Resolutions for this year - find a better balance in life. I, we, often feel that we're never quite achieving everything as we'd like to. With me returning to work it's harder and efforts will be doubled to get things right. 2007 was, I think, one of the hardest. Neither Geoff nor I realised just how much life would change with the increase of our family from 3 to 4. We still try hard to manage the balance between individual needs, couple needs, parental duties and family commitments. I wish I could relax more, not worry about all the have to's and just do the good stuff. I try to get it right, but I feel I fail more often than I succeed. I'm a hard taskmaster though - overly sensitive to my own shortcomings, of which I feel there are many. I wish I could analyse less and enjoy more.
Leila turns 1 tomorrow. She's running, brushes her hair and teeth, waves, can make herself very clearly understood - surprises us constantly. We are having a low key birthday for her tomorrow if the weather allows. Our plan is to head to the Sanctuary with my parents for a picnic lunch. We'll have a proper cake with the trimmings this coming weekend with the wider family. It's not the big 1st birthday we had for Ella, I hope she doesn't feel neglected because of it in years to come. Ella's 1st birthday was a sunflower party and Leila's will be a daisy party - themed cake at least! She'll feel special, as we hope she does every day, because she is.

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Pina said...

I wish exactly the same for me - to find a better balance in life. To be able to make my wishes and dreams come true. Perhaps we will make it this year!