Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Laundry not my forte

I like the girls to be able to play unrestrained, getting muddy, dirty, wet. I also like my girls to look nice. I don't usually remember to change them out of their nice clothes into those which have already received harsh treatment until it's too late. What results is a lot of tops like this which I'm having to constantly suds up with Wonder Soap in a vain attempt to get the stains out.

Yesterday after the girls had pulled up carrots from the garden and Leila had started chomping on one before I'd had a chance to wash it I did think perhaps I should take it off her, but she was so happy, slobbering all that fresh carroty goodness I didn't have the heart. This afternoon, I'll be Wonder soaping yet again.

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Lindsay said...

I know exactly what you mean! I always want O to enjoy what she's doing whatever she's wearing, but often she will get stuck into something messy before I've had a chance to whip an overall on and then I have to battle with stains later. Organic carrots and tomatoes are particularly powerful!

And she was given a really lovely paintbox for her birthday which arrived by post without warning so she had it out and on the go as soon as she ripped the wrapping off. I wasn't too bothered as it was a lovely, all natural, nothing artificial set so I assumed that it wouldn't do too much damage. Wrong, I spent hours scrubbing the 'all natural' colours out of my white table top!