Thursday, February 28, 2013


Looking at the photos from the start of this process, you can see clearly why the end product is such a deliciously golden hue.  All the sunshine ended up in the bottle and the zest in the muslin above shows that every last bit of lemony goodness was leached out entirely.  The body left felt a little like bonito flakes, once squeezed of all liquid quite dry and likely to take up with the first breeze.

At the start of the new year I added the sugar syrup before leaving for another 6 weeks.  I  mentioned then that I was a little afraid of the strength of the potion, forget putting hairs on your chest, it was strong enough to burn them off!

Today we strained three times through fine sieves and then coffee filters and then I added perhaps another 250mls of cooled boiled water and it's still strong, warming all the way down, but not scarily so.  Once I source another bottle we'll have three bottles, over 1litre in total.

 Chilled in the freezer, a little nip at a time, it should last for .... a while.  It's good.  Well worth the effort.

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Christelle said...

Godness, just love lemoncello! For me, it is Italy, pine trees, sunshine. All I need at the moment...