Friday, February 22, 2013


Eggplants are very happy in our garden.  I know many who struggle but ours are very generous and provide us with lots of lovely fruit.  Today three beauties have been cut with gloved hands, as these are sure prickly buggers, for mine and Geoff's dinner.

Last night saw the start of Ottolenghi's "Jerusalem on a Plate" the tv version of one of my wonderful Christmas gifts.  We're very fond of Middle Eastern flavours in this house, the earthy spiciness and wonderful freshness of the herbs.  I found a copy of the recipe online and this is what we'll be eating from these lovelies tonight.

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Sandy said...

Love those eggplants! I've been trying to grow eggplants for a couple of years here, but they were unsuccessful. We've only had good crops in southern Cal. It must be too cold here!