Thursday, February 14, 2013


The garden really is doing well this year.  Two extra raised beds on our front lawn have made all the difference.  I'm getting a haul like this a few times a week.  Beans are wonderful, but you have to keep on top of them as one day they're too tiny and two days later, too big.  I have a mix of dwarf (seeds from a neighbour) and my parents beans.  I have no idea what the beans are, as they just give me some of last years seeds, but they are always especially good.

Tomatoes still going strong although the first plants (Principe Borghese, Berry Toms, Tommies, Green Zebra and Black Russian) are starting to die off so not as pretty anymore.  Mum's Amish Paste just starting to ripen and I'll try and freeze some of those, simply skinned and halved. There are a few self seeded plants, not sure what they are yet, but a smaller variety.

Eggplants just coming into their own, 6 plants this year so should be eating Middle Eastern style for a while.  Zuchs (Black Jack) not so generous this year (only 1 plant), but have two smaller European plants from my parents in pots, which are a month or more behind.

Chillies are doing well - have lots of cayenne; habanero and birds eye a little behind.

Cucumbers doing great, a few every couple of days and even a few late, small but super sweet strawberries.

A good summer.

PS Not forgetting the carrots which are still going great as well!


Christelle said...

Without a garden, I can't have my own vegetables like you but I go to the market, to the organic corner and find good ones. So tasty!

CC said...

Your produce looks amazing. Our first eggplant is just coming through now. Very exciting.