Sunday, February 10, 2013


After quite a few weeks the first of our gorgeous sunflowers have dried out.  I love the dried heads with and without seeds.  A bit of a time consuming task but 5 heads yielded quite a few seeds and in turn we consumed quite a few.

I'll wait until the largest heads are dried as the seeds are larger, before I roast some with salt to remember some moments eating these during the time I lived in Canada.


Jo said...

those heads look beautiful, i agree, empty and full. I think that I'll have a go at these next summer, I know that you saw my pin last week. So gorgeous. x

Karin - The F Girl said...

Delicious. We once had several sunflowers in our garden. We gathered some of the seeds for ourselves and let two heads dry out in the garden for the birds. It was a huge feast, I can tell you that. Lovely to see those birdies enjoy them :-)