Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Ella used to have an imaginary friend called Caspar.  There was only ever one friend and he was around from about ages 3-6.  He came occasionally and played with her, he was a sweet friend!

Leila has never had an imaginary friend, but she does have alter egos.  I think it started about a year ago with Sarah.  We have a friend called Sarah and she's quite fond of her and we wonder if it started there, although she was never really the "real" Sarah.  She was married, for a time, to Dick (our friend's real life husband), but he turned out to be no good so she kicked him out....!  Sarah then took up with Bob, who is very strong and feeds the children very healthy food and gives them lollies only on their birthday. She was always pregnant and had "a hundred" children.  Most often she would come to our place for dinner on a Wednesday after swimming.  Poor Sarah was always tired, because she was always pregnant, but also due to her full time job, her volunteering and all the work she had to do for the babies.

One of Sarah's oldest children is Alexa, who has also been a regular visitor.  Another is Alexia's cousin, DD (Dear Diary) who visits very occasionally.

Alexa is now 28 and has just had her 5th baby. She doesn't mention her husband, but she talks a lot about her house which has a "Juliet balcony covered in passionfruit".  Today Alexa was heavily pregnant when she arrived for lunch, only to leave briefly before coming back with her new baby Chloe.

The stories she can tell.  My oh my.  The thing is though, they don't sound like stories.  They just flow from her tongue and there is no pause or hesitation "You'll never believe what happened next...", "I tell you Victoria, I just didn't know what to say!".  She can talk for a very long time and sometimes I sit and my mind wanders wondering about this little love of ours, her journey, her amazing imagination.  Both our girls have such story telling gifts, but both completely different styles.  Leila will be an amazing white liar, whereas Ella can't lie to save herself "I don't think ......".

Susan manages to record the things her children say so sweetly, but I can't keep up with my little one to record them verbatim.  I did capture her in character today, I wonder if you can see any of Alexa in these snaps of her with her new babe....


Christie said...

That made me laugh out loud!

Willow has a husband called Michael, they had their sixth child late last year. I can't remember all their names & ages but I know there is a Rosie & a Sparkle! Willow and Michael each run their own businesses & the kids are with the babysitter called Christie (!?) when Willow has to work. The phone conversations that she has with her husband are hilarious and amazingly realistic. So hard to get it on tape but oh so priceless!

Sandy said...

It is truly a gift to be able to tell stories without stopping for breath. I hope her colorful imagination continues to run wild and are always so detailed.

Susan said...

love the 'juliet balcony covered in passionfruit'! She is a crack up. Glad mine aren't the only children with cooky imaginary friends and alter egos!!