Sunday, February 10, 2013


There have been occasions when we've had frustration during playdates, at our house.  Some friends aren't very good at entertaining themselves, instead looking for entertainment in the form of wii's or playstations, or indeed just playing on the computer.  Made up games don't always hold the same appeal which can lead to frustration for both my poor girls suggesting every idea under the sun, and the child who is refusing all suggestions.

I feel happy that our girls can find entertainment in anything.  If there is nothing to do, they find something to do.  They're not saints, of course, they get bored like all of us and there are times when they are allowed half an hour on the computer, but we're free of all other devices, simply because that suits us.

Above is Ella's Cafe, where we went for coffee this morning.  At least I had coffee, Leila had a hotdog with ketchup followed by an icecream sundae, all there for the choosing, from Ella's hand.

In the afternoon Geoff took Ella to the basketball and Leila and I painted outside together.  I was working on  something special and she on some new works for the gallery.  Apparently the thermometer (I think perhaps she meant curator but I didn't want to correct her!) wanted some new works for one of the rooms and she was working tirelessly to have them ready for the opening.  The works were finished, displayed in the "lounge gallery" and when Geoff and Ella returned we all went to the opening, complete with ribbon cutting ceremony.

I hope they can always fill their time, as they grow, that these creative pursuits evolve and continue to give them (and me) pleasure.

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Hi Victoria, Just letting you know your feature is up! Thanks for sharing.