Saturday, April 07, 2012


Lunch with my parents tomorrow. They provide the lovely venue and we'll bring the food. I know lamb is popular for Easter but I'm not a big fan, finding any red meat very rich. Instead we'll have a Spanish style braise of chicken with loads of garlic, olive oil and white wine, served with a saffron pilaf and a dressed salad. For dessert, I know I must sound like a killjoy, but I'm not so fond of chocolate! However, there will be vanilla and orange poached pears with a macadamia and muscavado crumble and for those who so desire, a hot fudge sauce. Sounds pretty good to someone who's only had savoy crackers and cheese for lunch!


tea with lucy said...

yours sounds like a delicious easter, even without chocolate!

rachel xo

CC said...

Those pears are a work of art. And the fudge sauce looks amazing, too.

two little buttons said...

your easter lunch sounds delicious. hope you enjoyed. would love to know whee yopu crumble recope and pears one is from..