Saturday, April 07, 2012


We're busy with Easter preparations in this part, with the decorated eggs forming part of our table decorations. They do smell, however, rather eggy... not sure if that dissipates as they cool otherwise, hmmmm.

Homemade hot cross buns are a necessity and although I know I'm particular about my bread and admit that I'm not an artisan baker, these are way way better than any supermarket or chain bakery bun and honestly, really not at all hard.

I'm big on illusions around here, fairies, Christmas, Easter. This week Ella asked me if the Easter Bunny was real. I never say yes directly, instead "why do you ask darling" oh I don't know mum, I'm just not sure. I always fob and give responses such as "how sad for those children who don't believe, what do they do at Easter time if the Easter bunny doesn't visit?". I do wonder how long it will last though and worry when it ends. Ella is such a true believer in fantasy, I know she'll be sad to think they're not real. Is it wrong to want to carry it on forever?!

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