Sunday, April 22, 2012


My oh my blogger you've given me a fright today.  I have resisted changing to Google Chrome because, well, I worry that I'll stuff something up right royally when it's me rather than my work IT department making the changes.  It didn't work and I thought I'd ruined my blog forever!   So, I guess I am still capable of learning new skills because, touch wood, here I still am!

This weekend darling Ella scored $25.00 in cold hard cash from her dad as she finally mastered riding her bike without training wheels - starting, cycling, stopping and it turns out that she was quite hard to stop.  We rode for ages, correction we ran after our scooter girl and biker chick, should have got my running gear on properly, rather than my pants with the belt that kept coming undone leaving me clutching at my crotch as I scuttled down the street!

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