Monday, April 23, 2012


I haven't made any dolls for a while now, but do have a few stashed away.  They are a lot of work and at the time I was making quite a few, it was hard to make any money with them.  Of course anyone who sells handmade goods knows that it's that balance between effort and reward.  I wasn't looking to get rich and honestly, it probably zeroed out in terms of effort for price, but I didn't mind.  Now I tend to focus more on things that are more easily picked up in short snatches.

This lovely lass is off to Ella's prep teacher, a gift for a special girl in her life.  I have to stop myself from giving them to those I appreciate, remembering that they are happy to pay, as I myself would be.

Feeling a little addled today.  There are days when time gets away from me and there is simply too much to squeeze into the hours of one day.  I can feel my insides starting to twist anxiously, which is silly, because the majority of these things are wants rather than things that must be done.  I'm reading a great book and dying to get back to it; I'm into making a quilt for a babe due in a few weeks and want to finish the top; I'm seriously considering going back to school, as in high school to do my VCE and wondering to what end; I'm trying to get our tiny house in order and that makes me feel even more overwhelmed, you know how it gets crazy crazy messy before it gets better?   Aaaargh I'm winding myself up.

As a complete aside, has anyone ever printed their blog into a book format?  I know that there are a few programs you can use to do it for you, but it's long been on my to do list.  It's such a lovely record of our lives, that I would love to see it in print.  Let me know x

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Anonymous said...

Just curious... why didn't you get thru high school the first time round?