Sunday, April 08, 2012


This year's hunt was over, once again much faster than I anticipated. What excitement though, if only these days could last forever. There are moments when I get such pangs knowing that the world keeps moving forwards, regardless of how you want to slow or even freeze the moments.

When you fell so hard for your love, those heart stopping moments filled with such longing there were times you felt you couldn't breathe. When we were first pregnant for the first time. I remember walking from our first scan in London, having seen our babe, knowing she was really there and really real, walking along feeling that life was so heightened. Life is wonderful, if you're lucky, if you're happy, but once your children come along my word, everything becomes so much more, you are so much more invested in life. The stakes are so much greater and the pleasures much more intense.

Our girls are so perfect, to us, and the years are flying by. I never want to stop appreciating the time that I have where they love us so much and want to be with us above all else. There's nothing like it.


Sandy said...

very lovely v, i feel the same way.

Feronia said...

You write such lovely, thoughtful posts :)