Thursday, May 26, 2011


It's out. The first of the last set of baby teeth in this house has been safely dispatched to the Tooth Fairy. Leila managed her loose tooth very differently to the way her sister manages hers. She wiggled it, fiddled it, twisted and turned until by 2pm yesterday it was in her hand. Last night before bed she was beside herself with excitement. I suggested perhaps she would like to take her tooth to kinder today for show and tell and then put it out for the Tooth Fairy the next night. "I want my dollar", was her reply. This morning Peg Pillow held $2.00 and was covered in fairy glitter and our babe was utterly content.


Cindy said...

Oh that is so cute! Our fairy has glitter too and tiny notes. She forgot to leave a little note last time and he spent forever looking for it

Sandy said...

congratulations, leila!

Jo said...

such a big milestone!... and so great that the fairy's of today are so efficient and leave such an obvious trail of fairy dust. In my day {'cause I'm SO old} the tooth fairy only seemed to come on the nights that my Mum was home from night-shift. Needless to say I hope we can maintain the magic a bit longer around here *lol*