Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The youngest one in our household told me this morning that her tooth was loose. I've heard this cry before and they've never been loose. Imagine my amazement this morning when it was genuinely loose - like really loose! Highspeed sewing was called for so this precious first tooth will have a safe place to call home until the Tooth Fairy comes to visit. Not yet 4 1/2 and losing her first tooth, where has the time gone.

PS A very dear friend thought of me and sent me a link to this song, which reduced me to tears in the loveliest of ways. Thank you Sandy.


Sarah said...

Oh dont do what I do and FORGET for several nights!!! Man I suck at tooth fairying!!!

Sandy said...

thinking of you!

lovely pillow! the tooth fairy is too generous at our household, so i've been told.

Lena said...

What an amazing pillow... love it.