Sunday, May 15, 2011


It's Old Fashioned term at school, it's quite amusing what the children consider old fashioned. Amongst the items families took in to share with the class there have been genuinely old items, such as quills and ink bottles, but also a couple which really intrigued the children - a type writer and a I think they call them rotary telephones - the type that most of us who are 35+ grew up with. The children found these really intriguing!

As part of the terms activities there was a visit to Ripponlea followed by an old fashioned school day last week where they wrote with quills and ink in copperplate and dressed up for the occasion.

The pictures are terrible, it's been so wet this week there are only kitchen shots. Both Ella and I were thrilled with her outfit. The dress is a repurposed ladies cotton shirt from the op shop ($2). Removed the cuffs and gathered, removed the collar and replaced with with cotton trim and added some ties at the waist. The apron is from an old sheet and the bonnet from an old pillow case. Ella and I both giggled with delight at the overall effect, our version of Laura Ingalls!

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Anonymous said...

Lachlan went to Ripponlea in old fashioned clothes this week too! Ella looks just gorgeous!