Sunday, May 15, 2011


I ordered this book a couple of weeks ago and am keenly waiting its arrival. Doing so reminded me of a recipe that I saw a long time ago and have long had on the must try list.

My MIL is having a knee replacement tomorrow so the inlaws came for afternoon tea, a wish of good luck from us.

I love a good doughnut but the fat in the fried ones always puts me off, so these are perfect, or at least I hoped they'd be. Let me tell you, they are certainly worth the effort. Very simple and very delicious and unfortunately completely moorish! Be sure that everyone is at the ready so they are devoured straight from the oven and their wash in their delicious sugary bath. I'm not sure how they'll freeze, but I've put the leftovers in and will just zap for a few seconds to warm them up before gobbling.

Definitely give them a try with the bonus of almost not guilt!

PS Is anyone else having trouble with blogger spreading the spacing in posts? Honestly it's driving me nuts! Despite altering the html it keeps doing whatever the heck it likes!!


Sarah said...

Oh those look SO GOOD.

Can you pretty please send me the recipe : o )

Angie said...

I needed you to say these were really hard to make and not very nice either!

Sandy said...

Looks yummy!

CC said...

Mmmm. I like the sound of guilt-free donuts.

PlumStitches said...

those looks so good! now i'm craving one.

Anonymous said...

i also just ordered "super natural everyday"! i love heidi's 101 cookbook blog.i've been truly inspired by her use of certain whole-foods. we cooked her oat soda bread on the weekend...easy and yum!
i'm reading a wonderful foodie book at the moment for bookclub - called "much depends on dinner" by margaret visser.a fascinating read about the origins and history of particular foods.
buon appetito,
ps: if you like heidi's style of cooking...i have recently discovered (sydney boy)ross dobson - "wholefood kitchen" is his latest book.

pussman said...