Monday, May 02, 2011


I think I've been working on this appliqued quilt for about 18 months now. Actually perhaps not so long, perhaps just a year. It's getting towards the end of the appliqueing, then onto the quilting part of it. I think I may get someone to quilt this professionally for me, not sure. I've only ever made patch quilts for the girls before and the finish on them is decidedly homely. I don't mind that, I'm just not sure how to quilt around these pieces and also it's queen sized, so don't think my machine could handle it. Not so fond of hand quilting the whole thing, that doesn't appeal so much.


PlumStitches said...

gorgeous - love the colors!

Sandy said...

get it professionally finished for you. lena did that with a queen-sized quilt that took her years to complete. she was very, very happy that she did. whoever finished the quilt for her did a beautiful job.

Kristi said...

your so patient. it's gorgeous.