Wednesday, May 04, 2011


The things this giggling gerty has me doing - honestly.

I think parents at parks tend to fall into two categories. There are those who sit on their bums, generally speaking mobiles at the either or at the fingertip and those who participate and play with their children. Depending on the park numbers are weighted one way or the other.

Today were had the park almost to ourself the whole time, which was good considering what this little miss had me doing. Of course I could say no, but where would the fun be in that?

The slide you can see Leila standing the top of, the one that's enclosed for the top part. It's about half my height when I'm seated, but I HAD to come down with her. Snack bag choking me on one side, camera choking from the other, hunched over to fit beneath the roof, dragging Leila in so she could be in front. Down we went, down a super slippy metal slide only to see me with Leila onboard slide right off the end onto the ground.

There's also a kind of oversized donut swing at this park, suspended in three places that spins around and around on a swivel. Well it's just the right size for a mummy sized (my size at least) bottom to get stuck. Then I started to feel queasy from Leila spinning me round and round and my 4 year old had to help me out.

When Leila laughs oh my it's infectious. Thankfully, oh so wonderfully, we seem to do so much giggling these days and it's much more fun than most anything else.


Anonymous said...

Where abouts in Melbourne is this lovely park? My little girls just love slides and the swing sounds like heaps of fun.The sculpture in the first photo looks amazing too!

visiteur said...

I just love spending time in parks. We are quite spoiled here in Paris but I try to get to know smaller ones, hidden ones!
I would loved sharing an afternoon with both of you -)