Friday, February 12, 2010


Firstly, thank you to everyone for your supportive words on my last post. My funk only lasted a day, but in the scheme of things it's enough wasted hours isn't it. Everyone had such supportive thoughts and as I said to a few of you, putting it out there, having someone else not only validate how you feel but say "you know what, I feel that way too", it makes you feel less alone.

Don't you feel that's what we're all looking for - as much as we want to be individuals, we also really want to connect with others and be understood? I remember in my teens being really surprised when I discovered panty liners, I was relieved because I thought it was just me who needed to use something like that - I was so happy to know that there must be others like me!

So life is well and truly back to routine now, and a highlight of that for the girls (and me if I'm honest), is Friday movie night. So tonight, homemade nuggets, chips and carrot sticks, to be followed by fruit salad and ice cream. Tonight's feature, Alice in Wonderland. For the adults Japanese mirin chicken with snowpeas and sushi rice, a bottle of Coldstream Pinot and perhaps a piece or two of chocolate. The adult feature - Wolverine - I love a trashy action flick!

PS When I was feeling so blue I read back through Leila's baby journal and amongst the many things I was reminded of was that I gained 22kg in my second pregnancy! 22kg!!!! Now I don't mind that because I didn't do anything differently and feel that everyone's body is so different it doesn't help to compare. My gosh though, imagine trying to lose that much weight in your 40's - I'm amazed I lost it in my 30's!!


Sarah said...

It also makes us onthe other end go OHhhhh it not only me.....

life and the memoirs said...

Great to hear life at your house is back to routine and most importantly you are feeling better. Yes, we all experience similar ups and downs in our journey of growing older, becoming parents and life as we know it. Everyday of late a part of me is still left trying to accept my 'baby boy' is now at school. As parents we will experience so much in the years to come.
I love your tradition of Friday night movie night :)

Violet and Rose said...

It's not the new Johnny Depp Alice in Wonderland, is it?

The thought of my body doing anything baby related in my (just) 40's makes me groan! Losing 22 kgs would take another 22 years now I think.

So happy to hear you are feeling better about it all. Definitely not alone. Even on the panty liners. That made me laugh. I went to the doctors once with something where I thought I was the only one in the world who could possibly have done what I did (far too embarrasing to tell). She laughed and told me she sees it all the time. I cant tell you what a relief that was !

Anonymous said...

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Thanks in advance and good luck! :)

Kate said...

So pleased to hear you are feeling better with things. It does make us feel so much better to know we are travelling this journey alongside others. Yesterday I cried all the way home from melb after a specific medical proceedure was mentioned. I felt so awful and sad but then after a while remembered the comments on my post and your post and somehow that helped. I hope you are having a lovely weekend and are enjoying feeling thin and fabulous (must remind myself of that joy of pregnancy when I feel sad too!!) X