Sunday, February 07, 2010


We took the girls to see the Ron Mueck exhibition at the NGV today. You should definitely go, his work is AMAZING. We saw one of the pieces at the Tate Modern, but together, wow, they are mind blowingly real. It's the sort of thing where you can't stop saying "how does he do that?". The hairs on the legs, the way they lie in different directions in different areas, the veins just below the surface, everything sooooo real. Some pieces were life sized, some about quarter sized and others gigantic, but all perfectly, perfectly proportioned and faultless.
I liked this one the best, although it's not a great shot, but the only one with other visitors in the shot. The contrast from a distance, of the "real" figure with the natural ones, the twigs, just worked for me.
Geoff liked the nana the best, thought it was almost too lifelike.
This guy was so gorgeous, despite his boo boo (Leila's words) - he was about quarter life size and everything so perfect, the jeans, "his undies are sticking out mum", the ways he's holding his hands and his hair looked so fluffy you wanted to give it a rub.


Kiki said...

Can't wait for it when it opens here in Qld (May). Looks fabulous through your eyes/lens.

Violet and Rose said...

That Nana is freaking me out, as my girls would say. She is just a little too real for me. Amazing work!

life and the memoirs said...

Wow! So real, just amazing! Not sure how the boys would react.

Jeana Marie said...

His 'pregnant woman' at nga is one of my favourites, yes we will have to go!

Sandy said...

Amazing photography, V! Wow!