Saturday, February 06, 2010


Every time I grab a few minutes to surf around various blogs, I mean to keep my notebook beside me so I can remember where I see all the recipes, patterns and crafts I mean to try, at some point. Occasionally I remember to tag things as favourites, but other times I think "I'll remember that".

The other day I came across a recipe for lemon, almond and cumin (or was it coriander) muffins, they sounded delicious. My approach towards the recipe's location on this occasion was "I'll remember that", which of course I didn't and haven't. So, I don't know if it was ground cumin or coriander, so I tried cumin, but not really enough to taste. I added flaked almonds, although I'm unsure if the recipe had ground almonds in them. The flakes weighed my guys down, hence the flat tops. I also didn't have enough lemons, so used some lime zest as well.
They're nice, although lacking. Next time I'd add something to plump them out, sour cherries plumped in a little syrup would be delicious folded through. If you've seen a recipe anywhere that sounds vaguely like this, let me know.


Anonymous said...
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Bianca said...

Hi Victoria, your muffins look yummy. Have you tried using to keep track of your favourite recipes, craft posts etc? You can tag things so you can easily find them whenever you want, you can access your bookmarks from anywhere, cause it's web based and you can download a simple little button that sits on your navigation bar which means you can bookmark a page with one click.

Kiki said...

Near enough, but not good enough I know.

Simon said...

Not cumin, not coriander ...cardammon!