Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Two more Poppy dolls - this time for my own living dolls. Green haired babe, whose name is apparently Ruby, is Leila's. Why is it that green and orange are such good companions? The babe in pink (the one with the wide set eyes!) is still to be named, and she belongs to Ella Bella. I'm still to finish a third for Baby Tuesday, who is about 6 weeks old now, but I figure she's still young enough to forgive me the delay.

Separately, I received a Beautiful Bloggers award from a relatively new blog called Life and the Memoirs. Thank you so much for thinking of me! In return I was asked to share 7 interesting facts about myself. I struggle with this type of thing because I honestly don't think I'm that interesting, but I've tried to dreg up some good stuff that I haven't mentioned before.
  1. I have been proposed to three times, although none were my husband and I've only been married once.
  2. I love to compliment others, honestly and from the heart in the hope that they believe me and feel special as a result, yet I find it extremely difficult to accept a compliment myself.
  3. Within the last 5 years I have lost touch with 2 girlfriends with whom I shared over 20 years history. There was no falling out with either, no animosity that I'm aware of, but we genuinely just grew apart.
  4. I have eaten fries and gravy in Canada, drunk champagne in Paris, eaten tortilla in Spain, drunk retsina in the Greek Islands, eaten soft tacos on the beach in Mexico, had bagels and coffee in New York, eaten apple dumplings and mulled wine in Germany, had a steamboat in Vietnam, eaten tagine under the stars in the Sahara Desert, drunk beer in Czeck Republic, eaten Fondue in the French Alps, eaten gelati in Sicily and fettucine bolognese in Bologna.
  5. I can knit but I can't crochet and as much as I'd like to, I find the prospect daunting.
  6. I love full cream milk, ice cold in a glass, but cannot come at flavoured milk of any kind.
  7. I asked my husband out on our first date and I also asked him to marry me.


Violet and Rose said...

And so. Has he ever said yes?

Your dolls are very, very sweet :)

Violet and Rose said...

And just as I was pressing the publish button I realised what a stupid question that was. Of course he did, he's your husband.

Dont mind me. Blaming it on the heat!

Sarah said...

That was a really nice list to read. Reading the bit about all the food in the countries brought back lots of lovely memories...

life and the memoirs said...

What a really great list!! You've definitely come up with interesting facts about yourself :) I've had a similar experience in losing regular contact with girlfriends I'd shared 20 plus years friendships with, why I wonder at times?? Is it simply because we grow, we grow in a different directions?
Your dolls are so beautiful. I'm thinking my nieces would love a doll like this.
If you decide to make to sell I'll be in contact immediately! They are gorgeous :)

two little buttons said...

great list to read, friendship is funny like that,
hey great poppy dolls. i have just made my first one yesterday and now my two want one each, but boys of course !!! what did you use for the cheeks?

Sandy said...

Lovely dolls and so envious of all your travels!! Such a treat to read more about you.

Anonymous said...
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Kiki said...

As always...intriguing and attractive. You make me smile.
The girls pictured are adorable, just like your own!!

Christie said...

The dolls turned out great, of course! LOVE the green hair!

a lovely evening said...

i love the fact that you asked your husband to marry you. it made my heart swell just reading it. i also admire that you give true, honest compliments. i have always lived by that rule and have found that it makes you a better, more honest person. have a lovely weekend!

a lovely evening said...
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