Saturday, December 06, 2008

Swapping cards

Did anyone else join Amber's Christmas card swap? We joined last year and had such a lovely time that we signed up again this year. I confess to being a little late sending this year, but we've already received our first three cards from lovely prompt posters!

We did these in a hurry, but I think it's a really sweet idea (picture one side, message the other with a pipe cleaner hanger so they can go on the tree) they're often borne of necessity aren't they, good ideas? If I wasn't already starting to feel so crafty-spent I'd suggest to the girls that we make a whole bunch for our tree - but not sure I've got it in me. Not today at least.


Kym said...

We joined in too. I wish we'd gone with the random pasting and glittering cards too. Hannah got sick of doing the same shape (ie. candles) and started wanting to do dogs and crashing candles. We got there in the end though.

Pina said...

Very simple and very beautiful. I still haven't started to make them, probably I will come up with some kind of idea in the last week before Christmas - as usual. :(