Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Square by Square

I have never made a quilt. I have thought many times about it but worried about the seeming enormity of it. It amazes me the way some seem to literally whip them up, with every seam matching.

My thinking of quilts is a little like my business planning approach - I worry a lot about details. I thought I would need all the pieces cut out, everything ready to go, quiet time to keep everything just so. In reality, that's not my world. I don't have time to get them all cut out in advance and I never get alone sewing time. So, months back, I started going through clothes that the girls had both grown out of. I separated those that were op shop, those I simply couldn't give up (the memory box ones) and those I wanted to remember, but could bear to take the scissors to.

So, I started cutting 10 x 10cm squares. Shortly after I'd done this I realised my first error - quilters work in inches! Aaaargh. Anyway today Leila was unwell and slept most of the afternoon and Ella was in a quiet play mood, I also had LOTS of jobs I should be doing but couldn't face, so it seemed the perfect time to start making the quilts. Two quilts. I am making one for each girl. It's addictive, it's like knitting, you just want it to get bigger, it's hard to stop. I didn't get much done, but I'm going through the clothes again tomorrow for more scissor action. My seams aren't perfect, some of the fabrics are stretch knits and they aren't quite the perfect size, but it doesn't matter. There is a story in every piece in these quilts, and I love that.


Sarah said...

Oh I love the idea of this quilt - that is the reasons we make quilts. mum made one like this before I was born and now I have it. All the fabric bits in it have a story and it is wonderful I can lie under its wearing out seams and fading colours and know what it means to my family before me... My boys drag it around all winter so I am making them smaller ones to have themselves so it last that bit longer.

KikiMiss said...

Oh, how beautiful. This is such a fantastic idea, I have plenty of those stories in garments too but unfortunately, not the same talent as you with scissors/cotton.

Donna said...

I think it sbeautiful...and the imperfections make it even more so. What a lovely thing for the girls to have to pass down over the years.

Miss Muggins said...

Your quilt is looking amazing. I love that it is full of memories, as well as a learning process for you.