Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 10

We lasted pretty well to only be putting up the tree on Day 10 of the Christmas month. In all honestly this year it was me who suggested it, rather than being nagged to do it. It was our advent activity for Day 11, but I always think it's nicer to put up the tree at night. When I was growing up our big family celebration was on Christmas Eve, northern hemisphere style. We only put up the tree on that night - so it was a HUGE deal. I don't remember it bothering me that we had to wait so long for it, I remember it as a real sense of occasion.

Ella loved the decorating, examining each decoration individually and remembering where it came from, if it was recent enough for her to know. There were the decorations she made at kinder last year, which she was so surprised to see and so thrilled with. Leila - she wasn't into it so much. She did enjoy taking the decorations off and tasting each one, perhaps hoping one was a candy cane in disguise, but otherwise was a little non plussed.

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Pina said...

We also used to put up and decorate a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. Though now I keep pressing that it is up a day before, so that I decorate it in the morning of Christmas Eve.