Sunday, December 14, 2008


looks at least $10.00 with the addition of some handsewn sequins and seed pearls. Don't you think? The idea is to continue up over the shoulders and around the back - but Ella simply couldn't wait to wear it. Very relaxing beading - I did it at the hairdressers yesterday while I was coloured and cut. You'll be seeing more sparkles.


Tamara said...

So lovely and fresh. Ella looks lovely in it. Did you use a pattern?

You are right the sparkles make it!

KikiMiss said...

That is gorgeous, does she wear white well?

I love that singlet's neckline..may I ask where you made the purchase? Big W/B&L?

Prue said...

I love it when you can make great kids clothes for WAY less than you could ever buy them. VERY satisfying!

Miss Muggins said...

That looks stunning- Aussie Christmas it says to me!