Sunday, December 21, 2008

10 Pin Pleasure

I'm quite fond of supposedly daggy pursuits. I like a good game of Boggle and I adore Pictionary, although so rarely get the chance to play these games. My husband is not a games man, in fact he is the opposite of a games man - he thinks they're naff.

I arranged to go bowling today with friends as an advent calendar treat. I haven't bowled for years, but there's an alley near us so I booked it. I was never very good (I'm still not), but I am very enthusiastic. The kids all loved it, using one of those ramps to assist. I loved the fact that the lights were off for most of the time (it was only 3pm) and that Jackson Five were playing on the video screen. They were also cool shoes - not the decidedly worn ones I remember from years gone by. I had a great time. I heard Geoff mocking the idea of a Saturday night spent bowling - but I LOVE the idea of it - his daggy is my cool!


t h a i t r a i t said...

Glad you had a blast!

Sometimes I want to keep the shoes.

Sandy said...

I love bowling. I used to go with my mom and brother. P.S. I have the worst penmanship in the world. I got a "D" for handwriting in the 4th grade. Messed me up forever! You have lovely script, like an architect would have. Happy holidays!

Christie said...

what a great idea!

i am booking that in for sure!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas V. Hope you're having a lovely day with family and friends.

Lynda xx