Sunday, October 19, 2008

Betty says

"Meat, potatoes and vegetable" used to be the dinner pattern, unless we were being very formal with "soup and fish and roast", Nowadays we tend to branch out for more variety. Hearty, tasty meat-and-potatoes dinners are still the general favourite, but "casserole, green salad and dessert" combinations are gaining in popularity. Casseroles offer wide variety, are as tasty and good as they are easy, and represent a real economy too.
Betty also says that Today fixing a good breakfast is so easy. Set the table the night before. Take advantage of all the fine modern timesavers - the prepared mixes, ready-to-eat cereals, canned and frozen fruits and juices to interchange with the fresh. Use the handy automatic cooking appliances.
Not one I'll cook from, but this 1954 book (another new family member as part of the in-laws move) is entertaining reading.

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