Thursday, October 30, 2008


We won't be trick or treating; we haven't made any costumes; Ella was grossed out by the insides of the pumpkin and disappointed she couldn't do the carving; the cookies were a big hit; and next year she wants to make a haunted house cake and have a party; it's a work day and I didn't get any photos of the cobwebs Sandy inspired, or the ghosts hanging from the kitchen ceiling and the pumpkins lining the hallway; we've collected and washed the pumpkin seeds but still have to roast them.
A scarey 31st to you all.


Angie said...

mmm...the witchy poo pick me up looks sufficiently gross!

Fabric arrived, thanks so much, I'll get some photos next week....already thinking of how to use them.

Miss Muggins said...

Boo to you too! I love the jar, but don't need a pick-me up quite that much!

Sandy said...

The witch poo looks like so much fun to make. I'll have to ask you for the recipe next year because I think my little boy would enjoy making it. Happy Halloween!

Pina said...

All that looks just wonderful! It would be rather scary to receive that jar as a present! Boo!

Christelle said...

I will always remember the treat or trick walk with the kids I was looking after in Newton, Mass. They were so excited to knock on the neigboor's door and I was too!
I like your spooky decoration. They would have been fun here to contrast with the depressing weather we have.
Good job!