Friday, October 03, 2008

Scratching the itch

I posted about the pleasures of packet cakes the other day, but I didn't mention the actual eating. It wasn't good. Out of three adults and two children who sampled it, only one adult ate more than the m&m's and the icing. The cake had a funny crumb, the texture quite elastic and similar to that of a kitchen sponge! With my fancy for a piece of light chocolate cake unappeased, I returned this afternoon to my old trusty.

In my husband's family my mother-in-law, Helen, makes the same birthday cake for every family member on their birthday, a butter cake with butter icing and then the birthday person's chocolate of fancy over the top - perhaps a crumbled flake, m&m's for the children, for my husband dark chocolate with orange bits in. This recipe has therefore become known as the 'Helen's Birthday Cake' recipe. It's an all in one bowl, all at one time recipe - perfect for those of us without time to peak whites. Generally it's a vanilla cake, but I just leave out the vanilla, replace it with two or three tablespoons of dutch cocoa et voila. Top (in this case) with a simple ganache and it's delish. Whilst the girls eat it straight up, Geoff and I will probably have some orange segments and extra cream on the side.\


Angie said...

You feeling inadequate/unproductive? No way - look at that cake....I'm sitting here with a rumbling tummy,a lukewarm cup of tea & not a single treat in the house!

Christelle said...

Have you ever consider giving a cooking class? Gosh I would be your first attendee!
Otherwise, it seems that you enjoyed your previous book: it took you ... what .... 3-4 days to read it?!

Sandy said...

This one definitely looks more delicious than the boxed one. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Yes, I agree with Christelle. You are a voracious reader. It takes me months and months to read a book these days. I'm too tired from running after the kids!

Sarah said...

yum yum yum yum yum

Umm I think we will be making chocolate cake this afternoon

elisa said...

I just baked that cake, and holy crap, it smells great! Too hot to eat just yet, but I think it's going to be pretty special. (Why yes, it is 10pm. And no, I haven't finished my thesis yet. Thank goodness for bloggy, chocolatey procrastination.)