Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Thank goodness

I AM the most honest person I know.
I WANT to achieve so much.
I HAVE the hair from my first haircut in a paper bag in my bedside drawer.
I KEEP cards from special occasion restaurants in my favourite handbag that we bought in Rome on our honeymoon.
I WISH I COULD play the guitar.
I HATE that I'm not as positive as I could be.
I FEAR reaching the end of my life and not having achieved all I wanted to.
I DON'T THINK there is ever enough time.
I REGRET very little of my life's decisions.
I LOVE quiet moments alone with my thoughts.
I AM NOT ungenerous with my time or my emotions.
I DANCE every day but know I wouldn't win any competitions.
I SING in tune, although I'm not tuneful.
I NEVER experimented with any drug stronger than alcohol, despite having had many opportunities.
I REALLY struggled with some of these statements.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH the news.
I AM NOT ALWAYS sure when I've said too much.
I HATE THAT I don't believe in myself and my abilities more than I do.
I AM CONFUSED ABOUT exactly which plastics can go into the recycle bin.
I NEED coffee to keep me going.
I SHOULD start making the girls dinner.....
Thanks Leslie, for the idea.


this chicken said...

Fantastic! It's not easy to do is it :)

I'm quite addicted to reading other people's versions of this after seeing Leslie's yesterday (I followed the link to yours).

Thanks for sharing!

leslie said...

i love that others are doing their own lists. love yours. and love that you save special things. hair, cards, etc. i need to do more of that.

leslie said...

i found a lot of similarities to me, how funny!

Sandy said...

Great idea! Love your vegetables too.

cindy said...

I really liked this post, I could relate to a lot of it. I think everyone, especially mums would love to find a bit more time. I am with you on the drug thing too though I thought it made me a bit wierd - glad to hear that there is others. I think the more personal the post the harder they are to do.