Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Steak & Frites

Geoff and I had a child free 24 hours on the weekend. My parents are so supportive of our little family, helping with the children and being so involved in their lives, but also giving Geoff and I some space to stay a couple. Every time we have time without the girls, the hours seem to pass even faster. I can no longer imagine being childless, the freedom to just do as you please each and every day - read a book for hours - sure; go to the movies on a whim - why not.

These days I'm more a casual dining girl, loud Italian or Asian more often than not, but there was something I fancied about Bistro Guillaume probably the gorgeous look of the place. Not sure on my feelings about Crown - can't really say I see the appeal of it, although plenty seem to. Really nice bistro in a gorgeous looking restaurant setting - oysters and duck confit for him, salad and steak and frites for me. Chocolate dessert and coffee for him, petit fours and tea for me.
So nice going out, had time to get ready for a change, put on a fancy dress, but that didn't translate to Geoff getting a good photo of me. I even tried the self portrait but honestly, this shot of a brooch I wore was the best of the bunch! One more thing on my list to practice - learn to be a better photographic subject.


Kym said...

Lucky you! Sounds like you had a lovely evening.

We used to get our children whisked away for a day too by some kindly grandparents. Then they got dogs ...

Sarah said...





I am so pleased your parents give you both that regular opportunity. Saviour the moment. I only wish for it...

Sandy said...

You lucky girl! My husband's parents are in their 70s, so it's hard for us to ask them to babysit. We just tell them to travel, travel, travel and enjoy their retired years. They have watched them long enough for us to watch a movie on several occasions. No complaints here!