Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Make room for the new kids

Forming tonight's dinner. Nearing the end of these guys, those remaining will soon have to make way for an earthy makeover and the arrival of the new kids on the plot.


ella kelly said...

Aw, sweet!

I just sent you an email letting you know that the frock pattern at sugar city is in stock again, FYI! Good luck.

ella kelly said...

You offered a pattern image for a Japanese dress -- it's a great idea. I'd love to see it! I love all those Japanese books of patterns though I haven't splurged yet. Soon...

Linnea said...

Those are the cutest pictures :o) New kids on the plot...hahaha!

Sarah said...

Um your brocolli is a lot clumpier than ours (what am I doing wrong?). Our cauliflower is still snuggled up in its tiny leaves afraid to come out i think! I have been talking and tickling them the last few days in hope it encourages them to come out and GROW!