Wednesday, September 24, 2008

So good

The weather is warming and it is so good to be spending more time outside than in.

We did some more summer garden planting today and although we still have beets and cabbages going great guns, we also have made some progress to getting other guys settled in.
We live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in a 1950's weatherboard house. We live on the corner of a court so have extra space at the front of our house, but our block was subdivided about 18 years ago so we don't have a full block at the back. When planting vegies, therefore, not everything can go in the ground, we have to take advantage of all the space we have.

Out the back only the zuchinnis are along the side of the house near our shed. They're fairly self sufficient and as it's an area I don't automatically see every day, they'll have to be. The danger - monster zuchs rather than delish baby ones.

Out the front beside the gas meter there's an awkward space that has been the storage area for the council's bi annual hard garbage collections. Feeling frustrated with not being able to fit all the produce in I'd like, my dear dad helped stack all the out of commision pavers and now we have a cool garden "bench" for nuturing seeds and seedlings - so cool!

Potatoes are in two big garbage bins - one of kipflers, the other of desirees.

French beans are also in two pots.

Lettuces and basil will be on the garden "bench" once the seeds are all strong and able to manage on their own.

Broad beans have all set and are now just fattening up.

Strawberry patch is currently only half a dozen plants, but will increase to three times as many this coming week and will be heavily mulched to keep the fruit from turning.

Tomatoes - this year Black Zebra, Amish Paste, Tommy Toes and Roma will go in within the next month.

Corn - two varieties (Early Breakthrough and Sweet White) have been sewn today.

Carrots - that's what Leila was attempting to do, get their bed ready, two Diggers Club varieties there as the girls love the pulling so much.

What else - eggplants and fennel, they still have to find somewhere to live. I think it's probably too much for the space, sure it is, but what the heck, it's so much fun!


Angie said...

You are certainly fitting a lot in....great work. We are also in gardening mode down here, although the season is a bit behind Melbourne. I love seeing front veggie gardens when out walking.

Sandy said...

Wow! That's amazing! You're not wasting a single spot in your yard. You'll be reaping the rewards come summer. Keep having fun!

cindy said...

I am feeling a bit inspiried to get out there and get the kids planting some veges. Hubby always makes it sound hard to get hte ground right and everything but this looks like great fun.

Pina said...

So neat! I am looking forward to all the news from your garden; it is winter time approaching here, so it will be cold, cold, cold, and nothing grows in our gardens during this time of year.

Sarah said...

YOu have been SO busy! I am feeling a bit like you - and have pulled out garden beds that were nothing and now have plans for permanent asparagus crop next season and this season planting strawberries. Family wants rasberies but I just dont know where to put them so they get lots of sun. Ummm.

Been meaning for ages to do my order on Diggers - not enough time in each day!

Miss Muggins said...

I love that you are teaching your children such important life lessons while in the garden. I wish to create a vegie garden at my house, something I always grew up having.

RheLynn said...

Such a beautiful picture! I can't wait for next spring when my little one can dig in the garden with us :) She'll look just as cute with a shovel and be fascinated by the dirt I'm sure.