Saturday, September 27, 2008

Budding Marvellous

Are you fond of the try hard pun? For me it depends on how vulnerable I'm feeling at the time - if I'm a little tired and weak then I will giggle contagiously at anything remotely humorous.

This particular variety of clematis, montana rubens, has been an absolute star for us. It grows so fast, flowers beautifully, covers magnificently and needs little attention. I love the way the buds are so round and raise their heads to open. This one is on our front verandah which is about 9 months old - the clematis about the same age - I think it took about 3 months to run up the poles and along the whole length of a 5 metre verandah.


pen said...

ooooh i love this. i'm looking for some things for the garden that has flowers, my two kidlets are desperate to see buds turn into flowers. if it grows that fast in melbourne i dread to see how fast it will take over our garden here in southeast qld! i'm off to the nursery.

Christelle said...

Oh it is so lovely, I love it because it is a delicate and pink flower. It smells like spring over there!!!

Angie said...

I love anything that will grow that fast!

I'm giving away some of my excess freezer paper so pop over & leave a comment

Sandy said...

It's really nice to have something grow fast and is beautiful at the same time.