Saturday, May 24, 2008

Threads and Flicks

A new skirt for Ella copied from a Townmouse skirt we bought years ago. Thanks to Tamara for the recommendation to buy a cutting board - sure it's for a quilt I'm planning to make, but it is very useful - I'm slow to catch on to new tools. I am also one of the legions who have bought Amanda's book, but I haven't yet had time for more than a glance.

Some material and a pattern my mother in law cut out for her daughter about 40 years ago and never finished. As she was handing it over to me she still mourned the fact that she hadn't finished it - that together with the Mousetrap game they searched Melbourne for one Christmas but all the shops were sold out. They bought Cath a Skippy game instead but her face fell when she opened it.

Geoff's off to "Dreamtime at the G" tonight. Ella and I went to the movies to see this together but it was released on dvd this week. The plan is that we'll put Leila to bed, get into our pj's and watch it together.


Christelle said...

I hope you all had a nice evening, boy and girls!
On my side, I'm about to watch "The Eurovision", a sing contest. I don't know why but it is like a tradition!

Tamara said...

Told you it would be helpful. I assume you bought the rotary cutter. Master that and you can kiss your scissors goodbye.

Cute skirt, good luck with the sewing.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the style of your skirt - it looks great with the contrasting fabrics! Once you have a cutting mat and rotary cutter you wonder how you ever did without it!