Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The boy, his wife, her crazy hair

Occasionally there is a photograph taken of me that will really take me by surprise. It's very occasionally mind you and my reaction will be "I don't look too bad", and I'm honestly surprised that I've come out okay. This time, however, this photo from the weekend took me by surprise because I didn't realise I needed hair "care" so badly! I've been trying to grow my hair for the longest time. I have had super short hair for about 9 years, not much longer than Geoff's, and everyone commented how much it suited me. Like most things though, you tire of the same thing year after year and this is the third time I've tried growing my hair.

I don't want long hair, in fact not much longer than it is now, but I would like the top bits to grow down and join the bottom bits so it can then be cut into a style. Seeing this photo though, I was unaware how much of a hat my hair has become, it looks like it's all stuck together. I have very thick hair, somewhat unruly, and believe it or not I'd try to style my hair on this day. I even went into Aveda on Sunday and asked about different products, trying to find something to suit. I wanted a miracle fix but couldn't decide between oil serums, straightening creams, waxes, liquid gels and wax gels! I think I'm decidedly middle aged, I find it hard to choose new products, it's information overload and I can only think of the energy that will go into trying to make them work.

I haven't done anything since this photo, since Sunday, the girls are sick again but also I have decided to just let it stay curly and be damned until it grows - yes, it's curly when not dried too. It's not curly enough to be gorgeous, just enough to be messy.

Am I done with the complaining? for now.

PS And honestly, this is the best of a bad bunch, I'm too vain to share the worst!


Pina said...

I am sorry but I had to laugh reading your post.

I made huge fuss about my hair when I was younger (since I can remember - I wanted to have straight hair instead of those funny curls). I have always had it short; not as short as you because my ears stick out of my head too obviously. I had my last haircut at the hairdressers exactly 5 years ago.

I think that sometimes we have a certain image of ourselves - how we should look and what suits us. But other people see us differently and they might say that something is nice on us that we don't like. I am sure you know what I mean.

In my opinion you are beautiful, with long or short hair. :)

Lindsay said...

God I know what you mean about the middle aged bit! I'm feeling like this about my wardrobe at the moment, the need to buy some new summer things, but not knowing where to start and feeling slightly bewildered about how I can combine the way I want to look with my life now, it's so different to when I was working. I cut my hair recently, from very long, to a very layered bob. I'm growing it out! Too many layers. I'm using a product from Aveda which is good, a straightening lotion.

It's a lovely photo, and looks like you were having a happy time!