Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Leila is 16 months old.

She wasn't interested for the first 6 weeks of solids, wouldn't touch anything pureed or mashed. In the end I went straight to finger foods and she was fine but she only wanted to feed herself. She's never really allowed me to do any of the feeding, not really, an occasional mouthful but nothing more.

Now not only am I not allowed to feed her, but I'm not allowed to watch her eating! You think I'm joking. I have to put the food in front of her and then pretend she's not there, it's the only way she'll eat. Last week I left the room in frustration and Ella called out "stay out there mum, she's eating".

When she's had enough she puts her cutlery in her plate/bowl and pushes it as far away from her as she can, or simply hands to all to me. Tonight she got down from her chair (she's only in a booster seat), went to the cupboard under the kitchen sink, opened the doors, emptied her dinner into the pull out bin, closed the bin and the doors and reached up and pushed the plate into the sink. Is that normal for one so young? Then, she went and got the broom from beside the fridge and started trying to sweep the floor under their table, as I do after their dinner. That's the part I find a little disconcerting!

The bin bit concerns me. I mislaid my watch a couple of months ago. It was a lovely classic Longines that Geoff bought me when Leila was born to replace another one the same which I lost, which was his 30th birthday present to me. I have a sneaking suspicion perhaps it went into the bin, otherwise surely I would have found it by now.


Lindsay said...

Oh no to the Longines watch...I so hope it didn't end up in the bin.

But she sounds sooo clever! Imagine getting down from the table and emptying into the bin them sweeping up! That's funny and scary all at the same time. Oh these funny little phases sent to try us.

Christelle said...
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Christelle said...

She is amazing and independant! That's funny how early some personality aspects appear.

I remember that day when you received this watch o)

Tyler and Chloe's Mommy said...

That's really amazing. She's really observant and bright. I don't think many 16-month-olds can do that. I'm sure your watch will turn up.

Pina said...

You have a wonderful child. She is obviously imitating your behavior. Though I find it interesting that she doesn't want you to be near when she eats.
I guess Leila will be a great challenge in the years to come! :)