Monday, May 19, 2008

Favourite Thing

For many years the family of one of my sisters-in-law had a holiday house down at Ocean Grove. It was what I think of as a classic holiday house - somewhat fibro, somewhat weatherboard, lots of bedrooms (many with bunk beds), the kitchen table was long and church like with reclaimed pews on either side for chairs. The kitchen was stocked with a mix of different items. I believe the house was shared by my sil's parents and aunt & uncle, the crockery and utensils were extras from each respective city house.

We only went with my husband's family once, for a weekend, cricket on the beach, lots of kids, too much food, too much wine. Although only there for a few days, there were two pieces I loved in that kitchen, on that weekend, neither of which are valuable I'm sure, but something about each just appealed immediately. When they decided to sell my sister in law remembered how much I'd liked those two things and when they were packing up and selling off the contents, she kept them both for me. She thought that they had been her aunt's or her gran's at some time. This jug was one of them.


vlijtig said...

How sweet of your sister in law to remember that you loved those items. And yes I like the mug too. Reminds you of the holiday and the see, I guess.

vlijtig said...

I meant 'the sea', of course!

Christelle said...

I like the color. It reminds me of mediterranean tiles. Your sister in law is a thoughful person.