Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm not proud

of myself tonight. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned Ella's changing eating habits - we'll things are getting worse. I lost it tonight. Those of you who have had problems may understand how completely frustrating a child who refuses to eat is.

I had told myself that I would offer her things I know she'll eat and have pretty much stuck to that in between alternating things that I feel she should like to eat. Tonight it was a her night - rice with baby corn, peas, carrots and snow peas. She wouldn't eat more than the rice. It's just before 6pm and I've sent her to bed. I told her I didn't like her much at the moment and that I was angry and she had to stay in bed until mummy calmed down. I yelled. I wasn't nice. I feel like crap.

I don't know how to manage this, it's an ever reducing circle which is coming close to including only fruit and starches - plain pasta, rice, cous cous - nothing more.

Part of my frustration is the maternal desire to feed your child; part is that I just don't understand; but is that I don't have much left at the end of the day for a fight over dinner - it's just the straw that I simply can't carry.

I'll apologise to her before we go to bed properly. I'll explain why I was so upset. I'll try and get her to explain why she won't eat so many things that have never previously been an issue. I'll make it okay and find a way forward but for now, I simply feel like crap.


Pina said...

I have no experience at childcare, I admit, but I guess the situations like the one you described happen mainly because there is abundance of food in our lives. There is absolutely too much to chose from.
We all have bad days, I hope that it will be a better one for you tomorrow.

Lindsay said...

Aww you poor love. Try not to be too hard on yourself. I read somewhere that it's essential to show all your emotions to your children, we wouldn't be human if we didn't get upset or angry from time to time. Just explain why you were upset and apologise, but only once and leave it at that.

When we were having lots of eating problems with O I was recommended this book "My Child Won't Eat:How to Prevent and Solve the problem" by Carlos Gonzalez, published by La Leche League, might be worth a look. I was also told to look at her eating across the space of a week, rather than each day and not to pay it too much attention, or stress, but easier said than done. Something which works well for us is to heavily praise when she does eat, and ignore when she doesn't eg instead of please try some green beans, well done for eating so much pasta.

And, I always say to myself This too shall pass...

big hugs