Monday, December 10, 2007

Slow to get started

When I was growing up we always put up our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve - that was our family's tradition. These days you see decorations going up as early as November.

Yesterday I relented and we've started the decorating process. I figure that it's fun having the house decorated, so why not enjoy it as long as you can and after all, it's only two weeks to go!

One of our early advent calendar activities was to make some decorations, but suffice to say I've been a little tardy with them, they're still a work in progress although almost there. Today is gingerbread house day, so we'll see how my scheduling goes with that!

1 comment:

Pina said...

Oh, these birds are just beautiful! If I have some time I will try to make some like these for my colleagues at work. Girls will be too happy to receive them.