Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gingerbread Architecture 101

Step 1 Read through your plans

Step 2 Have your foregirl assemble the workers

Step 3 Realise that your walls aren't so straight because you really should have cut your "timber" after it had been baked rather than before.

Step 4 Prepare strong concrete

Step 5 Get ready to raise the walls

Step 6 Hold your breath while the concrete goes off

Step 7 The interior decorators can finally move in to complete the process inside and out.

Step 8 E voila! an ooey gooey sticky delicious gingerbread house!


Pina said...
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Pina said...

Wow, I somehow missed this one yesterday. It looks great! I can see that you had a lovely assistant. :)
What kind of recipe do you use for gingerbread?