Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Our gorgeous babe turned 6 today - six I tell's you!  I swear, I told her this morning, she'd grown taller overnight.

A wonderful, ridiculously fun day of birthday celebrations.  Nan and Pa, cake, presents galore and then hours and hours spent at Luna Park.  We thought we'd only be there a couple of hours and were there nearly 6!  Geoff and I went on tummy curdling rides, the girls laughing while we cringed and held on for dear life.  What a wonderful day together.

Leila babe, my darling girl, you look after your family so well, so caring, so generous with your love most of all.  You are a riot at home, crazy voices, dance moves, outrageous really.  Slowly that whacky personality has been showing itself outside of home and I'm interested to see how it will change at school this year.  I hope 6 doesn't mean an end to daily early morning cuddles, to needing mama most of all, to wanting to be with family more than anything.  You declared today, the best birthday ever, I think I agree.

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Sandy said...

Leila is a very gorgeous babe! Happy birthday Leila.