Tuesday, January 08, 2013


Harvesting our potatoes today made me think of Rohan and his gardening endeavours.  It also put me in mind of the Little House on Prairie books I love so much.  Spending six months of the year nursing and watching a crop of corn or wheat, waiting for it to be at its peak for harvesting and the night before the heavens open and crush it flat or the locusts descend and eat everything in sight, depending which book you're reading.

I had high hopes for our potatoes this year, invested only time and dreams, but still.  Tipping over those big bins today I really thought the potatoes would fall like golden nuggets at our feet.  Not quite.  The harvest was 816g of Jersey Royals, 965 of Desirees and a paltry 36g of Dutch Creams.  My idea of having potatoes to feed us through the summer were a little inflated.  We're fortunate that we can afford to buy potatoes to supplement us, but still, imagine if you were depending on your crops to feed your family or to earn money to buy what you need, heartbreaking.  That's part of why growing at least some of your own food is somewhat inspirational, the respect, the desire to avoid waste, the appreciation of flavour, you nursed those babies and you appreciate every mouthful as a result.


Catherine said...

It looks like you still got a nice crop even if was a little smaller than you had hoped but I know what you mean about wanting to feed your family on what you grow. I have hopes for that one day but I'm not sure how successful I would be at doing it but I have fun giving it a go though.

naa said...
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naa said...

Hi Victoria! Thank you for all your nice comments! I didn't know Skinny Laminx but I checked it out now and you are right, they have beautiful designs. :)
I wish you a wonderful day!